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CHINARAILWAYExpress are listed on the basis of fixed train numbers and routes, which are listed in the container international railway joint operation between China and Europe and all the other countries along the route. The three passages of the West and the Middle East are laid out: the West passage goes out through the Alashankou Pass (Horgos), the middle passage goes out through North China via Erlianhote, and the East Passage goes out through the Manchuria River (Suifenhe) in the southeastern coastal area of China.
By the end of June, 2018, CHINARAILWAYExpress had exceeded 9,000 trains, transported nearly 800,000 boxes of goods, opened 48 cities in China, and reached 42 cities in 14 European countries. The transportation network covers the main regions of Asia and Europe.
On August 26, 2018, with the arrival of X8044 CHINARAILWAYExpress (Hamburg-Wuhan) at Wuhan Wujiashan Railway Container Center Station, the total number of CHINARAILWAYExpress reached 10 000.
Up to now, CHINARAILWAYExpress has opened more than 11,000 trains, with 65 operating routes, reaching 44 cities in 15 European countries and carrying 920,000 TEUs.
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